Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gun range, classes would serve public well

In an effort to bring some perspective to discussions about gun-safety training in schools and a proposed public shooting range in Beaufort County, I would like to offer the following analogy.

Guns and automobiles are very much alike in two ways:Both can be very useful and bring a great deal of enjoyment.

Both can be lethal in the hands of untrained people.

That is why almost every high school offers driver education classes.Guns and automobiles are a fact of life in America. Millions of people own and use them every day. Doesn't it just make sense for our children to know how to use both safely?

Gun safety training, like driver training, is not always available at home, so why not offer both as an elective in middle or high schools? Parents who prefer to opt out are free to do so.

Beaufort County spends many millions to provide public facilities for all kinds of sports, and rightly so. The one thing that is missing is a good, safe public facility where people can go to enjoy shooting sports. There are thousands of gun owners in the area who would appreciate a close, convenient place where they can shoot. It could also be used for gun-safety training classes for the schools. Let's build it.

Jim Dickson

St. Helena Island