Letters to the Editor

Put old instruments to good use in 2015

Looking for a new year's resolution that is painless, will make you feel good and will benefit many others? Remember that clarinet, flute or trombone that you or your offspring used to play, but no one has touched in years? You know, the one tucked back in the corner of the closet. You knew it was too valuable to just toss away, but you've never known what to do with it.

Here's a suggestion. The Junior Jazz Foundation, founded by Bob and Lois Masteller, owners of The Jazz Corner, preserves American jazz music through education and performance.

One of the foundation's programs collects used instruments and gets them into the hands of young musicians, who might not otherwise be able to participate in a school program. People with instruments no longer being used turn them over to the Mastellers who have the instruments cleaned and refurbished and passed on to area music educators who put them in the hands of students. The Mastellers are not just handing out instruments. They are letting students and their directors know that someone "in the business" believes in them and wants them to succeed.

If you have an instrument tucked away in a corner, make a resolution to rescue it from obscurity. Contact The Jazz Corner 842-8620 for details. Help keep live music alive.

Carole Galli

Hilton Head Island