Letters to the Editor

Political correctness endangers Americans

Al-Qaida, that organization declared basically defunct by President Obama's administration only a few months ago, is back with a vengeance. The latest mission for the jihadists who listen to the message put out by that "defunct" organization is to have lone wolves build bombs and smuggle them onto various airliners.

In the frenzy created by the politically correct crowd not to offend anyone by profiling them by race, religion or national origin, we have effectively handcuffed the Transportation Security Administration from being as effective as it could be in searching for prospective terrorists trying to board aircraft with murderous intent.

To avoid the appearance of impropriety, we search everyone, whether they are an 85-year-old grandmother, a crying 3-year-old toddler or a glaring, mid-20s male of apparent Middle Eastern descent. The TSA screeners are doing what they are told to do in as efficient and pleasant a way as possible under the rules.

The fault is with the politicians who came up with the mandate not to profile. Check the security lines on a busy day at our relatively underused Savannah/Hilton Head airport, and then do a times 10 on the wait at major airline hubs.

Our air transportation system will grind to a halt if a new underwear bomber is successful. Let's start using that common sense for which Americans have always been famous. Use reasonable profiling. Otherwise, the epitaph on America's tombstone may well read, "Died of political correctness."

Al Francis