Letters to the Editor

Democrats provide aid to country's middle class

It's amazing that the middle class, both white collar and blue collar workers, have listened to the hype and have voted for conservative Republicans.

The Republican propaganda stresses that big business knows better and that there should be an unregulated free market with no "bothersome" government regulations. The middle class is picking up the tab when companies take their manufacturing overseas with no penalties, and with tax loopholes for corporations and the wealthy.

Recently, the federal budget was held up because Republicans added to the bill reduced regulation on default swaps and derivatives (which caused the recession and home foreclosures), reduced Environmental Protection Agency regulations on clean air and allowed individuals to triple the amount they can give to politicians.

Historically, Democrats are responsible for programs that benefit the middle class, like Social Security, child labor laws, Medicare, minimum wage limits and unemployment insurance. Democrats were in the majority when these bills were passed with strong Republican opposition.

Over the years, Republicans have worked to benefit the corporations and the rich, not the middle class.

Philip W. Wolfe