Letters to the Editor

Find better spot for Bluffton dog park

I am a member of the Bluffton Park Community Association board. It has come to my attention that a dog park is proposed for the corner of Eighth Avenue and Pin Oak Street in Oscar Frazier Park. As far as I am aware, it is being considered without any input from Bluffton Park residents, including those who are directly across the street from the park.

I am asking that a meeting be held to have Bluffton Park residents comment on this proposal before it is voted on by Bluffton Town Council and Beaufort County Council.

I live on one side of the park and do not see any feasibility of having a dog park so close to a children's playground and across the street from homes where children are playing. If any dog were to get loose -- and I know that this is always possible -- it could attack anyone in the vicinity. That's notwithstanding the noise of barking dogs all day, disturbing someone like myself who sits outside and reads.

I will not bore you with other reasons why it should not be there, but a dog park should be in an isolated area such as the power line right of way on Bluffton Road where no houses are located. How many of the dog owners in Bluffton would want a dog park across the street from their home?

Earle Lockhart