Letters to the Editor

Jasper superintendent far from 'above average'

Every citizen of Jasper County should be embarrassed and incensed by the decision of the Jasper County School Board to provide an "above average" rating and extend the contract of Superintendent Vashti Washington.

Following three successive years the district has rated an F, any reasonable person would think a minimum of "needs improvement" would be provided.

In addition, the board's aversion to any written format for the evaluation is completely unacceptable. Not establishing a written record of a process as important to the district as the superintendent's evaluation is clearly a dereliction of duty and undermines the trust the public places in board members..

An even more heinous concern is that the board's attorney, Ken Childs, is supportive of this process.

Our Jasper County students deserve better than this.

Leadership from the board and superintendent must change.

A reminder to the board: It is not doing things for our students that makes a difference ... it's doing the right things.

Michael S. Clemens