Letters to the Editor

Parents share blame for Ferguson, Mo., riots

Why did people loot and burn their neighbor's property after a 300-pound, 18-year-old bully robbed a retailer, swaggered down the middle of a city street, refused to obey a police officer and was killed as he tried to disarm the officer?

Why blame the grand jury for not indicting the officer? Was Michael Brown never taught the consequences of attacking an armed policeman? Where have the parents of this "little boy," been, as he was described on national TV? Brown's illegal behavior was only exceeded by the crime wave that followed and the news media's incendiary 24-hour coverage.

This should not be a judicial issue. It is a parenting issue. Parents should be held responsible for neglecting their responsibility to teach their children the simple facts of life.

When I was a child, my mother taught me that if I played with matches , then I would get burned. She also taught me that if I expected to succeed in life, I needed to respect others. Parents will be much more successful raising their children when they teach them how to grow up and live successfully in America. Racial hostility will be reduced when all people show respect for others.

The problem appears to be that many youngsters don't understand they must earn the respect of others, and this comes through education at home and in the schools. Build a better life for your children by teaching respect for everyone, and join the American dream.

Jim Dove