Letters to the Editor

Recent protests remind me of Vietnam

These protests and treatment of police for doing their job is beginning to remind me of the treatment America gave her Vietnam veterans for doing theirs. The blissful lives we live here in America are insured by those few who choose to put their lives on the line in dangerous, dark and totally alien places to protect us from those who hold our lives and freedom of no value, and who have no concern for our laws nor for the well-being and peace of those around them.

It will never cease to amaze me how many of my fellow citizens are oblivious to the dangers that exist in the world both foreign and domestically. Ironically, their blissful ignorance is due to those who stand guard for them. But they are quick to accuse these protectors when they are forced to use extreme measures to protect that peace or themselves.

Contrary to Hollywood and TV, I have never met a fellow veteran who wanted to kill or even harm another human. They only wished for a peaceful execution of their duties and a return to their loved ones. But they accepted the very real possibility of their own personal injury or death.

So it is with the police. I wish my fellow Americans would step back before they pass judgment. After all, they're laying their lives on the line daily for an ever increasing ungrateful society. It's just as my brothers did in Vietnam for an ungrateful nation.

Howard Pritz