Letters to the Editor

Good advice to all to stand your ground

Recently, my wife and I watched a live broadcast from the Kruger National Park in southeast Africa. Game preserve narrator Hayden Turner told his TV audience to never run from a predator. Instead, you must stand your ground if you are to survive at all.

To try to run away or escape is a sign of fear and weakness to the animal, which will then attack. Turner admits this takes courage, and one may have to change clothes afterward. We've all seen pictures of hyenas, lions and cheetahs running down their prey. It's not a pretty sight, but it's a fact of life in the wilds of Africa.

Predators exist in our towns and cities, too. If we are to survive threats and attacks by two-legged predators in our midst, we must stand and fight if necessary.

I would neither wish to harm one of nature's beasts nor one living in my town. Yet, if I felt my life or your life was threatened, I would hope to have the courage to stand and fight. Courage cannot exist without fear. Let us hope our politicians have the wisdom to know the difference between natural rights and stupidity. Stand your ground!

Ed Johnson

Lady's Island