Letters to the Editor

Immigration order didn't go far enough

President Barack Obama did a good job of giving hope to my hard-working friends. However, he could have widened the scope of help.

For one, what about the youth who walked miles to escape the violence of Honduras? I have a student, a young mother, who showed me the holes in her back where bullets of the drug lords entered. Another friend showed me bullet holes where a bullet from a street gang whizzed through his shoulder. They both fear death if they have to go home. The mother has to answer the phone exactly at the same time every Friday when immigration officials check that she's still here. And then, she and her child face a frightening hearing to see if they can stay.

How can Obama send them home to death in the streets? And what about my hard-working friends who haven't had children yet? Some have been here 10 to 15 years, working to build and serve Hilton Head Island. But they have to go get someone pregnant so they can stay? I thought he was going to give temporary work permits to all who are working here.

President Obama, you did wonders, and we thank you. But what about the others?

Fran B. Reed

Hilton Head Island