Letters to the Editor

Save Joe Maffo and the gators

I would like to thank Joe Maffo for saving Big Al, the alligator. But in doing so, he was penalized. What a shame.

I volunteer at his critter presentation at the Coastal Discovery Museum. It is a great treat for everyone to come and hold the various wildlife species he brings. Maffo and his family are passionate about wildlife and want to educate the public.

If anyone cares about our island's alligators and Maffo's punishment, please e-mail the S.C. Department of Natural Resources and let them know that you are happy Joe saved Big Al. Let's convince DNR to renew its contract with Maffo. His company does a lot for the island's wildlife that we, the residents, enjoy.

Meanwhile, I hope Big Al lives another 50 years.

Sandra Ploszaj

Hilton Head Island