Letters to the Editor

Rule on flyers needs review

I thank the Beaufort County Board of Education for approving the hiring of an in-house attorney to assist it and superintendent Jeffrey Moss.

Many people may not realize that in his first 100 days on the job last year, Moss issued a rule that no fliers from outside organizations could be sent home with children. Perhaps now that Moss has a full-time lawyer, this rule could be reconsidered.

This decision about fliers in backpacks hurt a lot of children by limiting their exposure to activities. How can we assist in raising well-rounded children if we cannot introduce them to after-school activities beyond homework? Posters and fliers in backpacks are some of the most effective ways of reaching the kids and their families, especially those who do not have computers or email accounts.

I know this is not the most pressing issue of our day. There are issues of staff time and resources and we should not ask these great people to do anything that could be a waste of time or a distraction.

I believe that any group that wishes to send fliers home about scouts, sports, camps or clinics would be happy to count and bundle fliers by classes to make it easy to get this information into the hands of our future. What about it, Dr. Moss? Can we ask the lawyer?

Thomas J. Noyes