Letters to the Editor

An open letter to the Middle East

Every morning I wake up and check CNN, FOX News, The Island Packet and USA Today, looking for the following letter:

To: Middle East countries

cc: executive and legislative branches of the U.S. federal government

Dear sirs and ma'ams,

Effective immediately, we the people of the United States will no longer try to impose democracy on tribal cultures that neither understand nor appreciate the freedoms afforded by a free society.

We will no longer spill the blood of our young heroes on your oil-saturated sand, fighting your religious wars. You know best how to deal with conflicts within your culture, even if it requires a dictator. We obviously never bothered to understand your culture when we stuck our noses into your oil wells.

We further declare that we will achieve energy independence with the same national resolve used to put men on the moon. And we will use our military resources to secure our borders rather than yours. We slept through the wake up call with your oil embargo in 1974, but we will not let that happen again.

With no regrets, we bid you farewell.


We the people

My guess is that I will never see such a letter -- but I'll keep waiting.

Bill Kuttruff

Hilton Head Island