Letters to the Editor

Supreme Court ruling hurts women's rights

Five old men on the U.S. Supreme Court issue an appalling birth control decision that will affect the lives of thousands of women. These men live in yesteryear and are not capable of making rational decisions that affect the here-and-now generations of our citizens. All of this is done in the name of religious freedom -- religious freedom for other old men who own corporations that have nothing at all to do with religion. How many other lawsuits will this generate by other "religious" business owners who will contrive absurd reasons to deny coverage based on their so called "religious" beliefs, or more realistically their prejudices?

Old men in the Catholic Church also issue birth control decrees that pertain to millions of women around the world. But the difference is 95 percent of Catholics ignore irrational decisions made by old men. They aren't affected because they use common sense and make their own choices. But the women who work for corporations are impacted financially and may not be able to afford the "luxury" of common sense decisions.

Unfortunately we don't have the option of voting Supreme Court justices out of office, but we do vote for senators and congressmen. Let them know that corporations are not people and corporations shouldn't be treated as people. The people who own corporations are entitled to religious beliefs, but corporations should have no such entitlement. Individual's beliefs cannot be imposed upon other human beings. Common sense needs to prevail.

Tony Amadeo