Letters to the Editor

Avoid sudden U-turns for the sake of safety

Twice in one week I encountered situations that were dangerous, frightening and preventable.

Recently as I drove around a curve on Hampton Parkway, there was a car that was perpendicular to both lanes. Apparently the driver decided she didn't intend to be on that street and felt it was vital to immediately turn around in the middle of the road.

In a second situation, my husband and I were traveling in the left lane onto a bridge in Beaufort. Suddenly, everyone had to hit their brakes. Again a driver had decided that he/she had not intended to travel on that bridge and decided to make a U-turn from the fast lane. The truck behind us was just able to switch lanes to avoid hitting us.

Please, if you are reading this and have other drivers in your family, share this advice with them: If you are driving and make a wrong turn, continue driving until you can find a road or parking lot and make a safe turn. Do not put others at risk simply because of something as common as a wrong turn. Be smart. Don't make others pay for your mistake.

Christine Ulichney