Letters to the Editor

Coligny needs a parking deck

The newspaper's recent editorial regarding the need for additional Coligny parking was on target. As a Coligny neighbor who lives in Shipyard Plantation, I have always felt it was an outstanding beach venue, far nicer than most along the Atlantic Coast. I never was in sympathy with the town's search for perfection.

What we have had over the years is paralysis by analysis, driven by TIF funds which, of course, must be spent in some grand and monumental way. In the meantime, a practical need for more and better parking languished, even though it is ironically the prerequisite for the town's stated objective of "a more pedestrian friendly area."

Last year I submitted a concept sketch to Town Hall for a two- or three-level parking garage at the corner of Pope Avenue and South Forest Beach with pedestrian bridges accessing the beach and the north side of Pope Avenue via the traffic circle.

Using the recent flurry of rooftop gardens in Manhattan as a guide, I also suggested that the garage roof be landscaped with restaurants and outdoor dining along the South Forest Beach side with its elevated view of the ocean, and the west side at least landscaped but preferably with a play area such as miniature golf. Maybe thanks to your editorial, I will live to see something along those lines.

Don G. Kennedy

Hilton Head Island