Letters to the Editor

Obama to blame for illegal children

Denying this invasion going on at our border is brought on by only one person -- our president. I do agree he does stretch the truth sometimes, but I find what he says is what he eventually does!

Telling undocumented workers and their families that they can stay without fear of deportation was an invitation to those in other countries to send their children across the border, to tell them to forget Spanish and to say, "We'll join you later, kids."

The turmoil, poverty and crime that exists in Central America is nothing new. It was our president's words and actions that caused this current border crisis that imperils these children.

Amnesty has been tried. It will not work any better this time. Look what's happening with just the hint of stopping deportations. We can aid these people best by helping their governments try to solve their problems.

If Graham/McCain/Obama's immigration bill passes, the flow of dollars illegal Mexican workers send home will continue as well as the flood of people coming across the border. Some members of both political parties have said they must pass immigration legislation or they won't get re-elected. That's a sad reason to pass a flawed major law.

James Scott