Letters to the Editor

Wishing for the days of putting republic first

When President Richard Nixon was in danger of being impeached and then finally resigned, we had representatives in both major parties and a press that believed in the United States as a republic and the last great hope for individual liberty. That doesn't exist anymore in Washington or in any of the major newsrooms. Generally, by dumbing down the educational system, generations of the public have been taught the progressive/liberal mantra and have no idea about the responsibilities required of the citizenry to perpetuate the republic and to protect individual liberty.

When there was just a 17-minute gap in the White House tapes and a ridiculous explanation of how Rosemary Woods erased the tape, the public, the press and our representatives didn't buy it. They held Nixon responsible. Those days are gone and so is the republic. Ben Franklin warned us when he said, "(You have) a republic, madame -- if you can keep it."

Steve Dickler

Hilton Head Island