Letters to the Editor

Be totally truthful about Israel boycott

Individuals as well as members of organizations and nations who threaten to boycott or divest from Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, should also refuse to use any of the following medical devices. Each was built or invented in Israel and/or by someone Jewish. The products and procedures I refer to include:

PillCam capsule endoscopy that detects intestine and esophagus blockages.

The TA Count Real-Time Microbiology that detects harmful microorganisms in pharmaceuticals and food.

Mazor Robotics' robot-guided spine surgery.

Optical Heart Rate Monitor, a fast and accurate assessment of heart health.

Itamar Medical's watch pad that diagnoses and treats sleep apnea.

EarlySense that allows nurses in cardiac wards to monitor patients' heart rate and respiration.

BabySense that prevents crib deaths by monitoring a baby's breathing.

AIDS treatment that targets and destroys HIV-infected cells.

The Nano Retina artificial retina that restores sight to visually-impaired people.

An Israeli company also developed ReWalk, a tool that enables paraplegics to stand, walk and climb. And Israelis invented Digitalis for your diabetes.

Meanwhile, Save a Child's Heart, an Israeli-based international humanitarian project, provides free life-saving heart surgery for underprivileged children.

And Amina Abbas, the Palestinian leader's wife, and thousands of Palestinians, are being treated in Israeli hospitals.

Charles Richman

Fripp Island