Letters to the Editor

I offer you a guide to President Obama

Do you want to be warned when a whopper is coming? Let me give you guidelines on how to distinguish between the categories of falsehoods coming from the Obama administration.

Here goes: 1. "Let me tell you" means to get ready for an un-truth. 2. "Let me be clear about this" means you are about to be told an unbelievable falsehood. 3. "Let me be absolutely (absolutely is interchangeable with perfectly, assuredly, abundantly) clear about ..." means the whopper coming is so big you may not be able to stop laughing for hours.

The above phrases are heard daily from Obama himself, Secretary of State John Kerry, the White House press secretaries and the State Department. The media is also a willing accomplice, so this misrepresentation of the truth is not about to stop. Just be aware of the above clues and be prepared.

Fernand LaBranche