Letters to the Editor

Paper disappointed with runoff coverage

I was very disappointed in the paper's coverage of the runoffs. On the day of the polling, there was only a tiny blurb about it in the corner of one of the back pages of the A section. Instead, on the front page was a picture of a boy playing on his skim board. It would seem that informing the community of the runoff elections would be more important. There was no information about the candidates. Plus, one of the names listed as a candidate for the lieutenant governor was incorrect.

The front page of the next day's paper was about how very few people showed up to vote. Maybe it was because the local paper, which is supposed to inform the people of major events, did not do so.

I am very disappointed in the failure to inform our community, including a lawsuit filed against Sally Atwater, a candidate for state superintendent, that alleges she shoved one of her students. Refocus and report what is truly influential in our community.

Alli Whitt

Hilton Head Island