Letters to the Editor

Let's put the future in the hands of God

I believe the United States of America is in big trouble. A good number of our elected representatives do not seem to see or do not want to see that our nation is rapidly crumbling morally, educationally and financially.

Our president and legislators, under the guise of knowing what is best and fair for all, are taking away more and more of our God-given freedom each day. When will they stop playing God?

We as a people have to wake up and work together to preserve the freedom our forefathers worked so hard to obtain, and that our military members sacrificed so much to protect.

We allow the killing of unborn children in the womb under the premise of a woman's right to choose. What about the baby's right to live?

We overlook or condone lifestyles that are against the natural order of God. Marriage is between a man and woman. I know it is not my job to judge any individual, but is my duty to speak out against what I know is wrong. The Lord, our God is most certainly loving and forgiving.

We cannot rely on our president and legislators who put their own agenda before the good of our country. We have to come together as one people under God and pray that God in his mercy will listen to our prayers to preserve our country, our moral integrity and the freedom he has given us.

Florence Tarantino

Hilton Head Island