Letters to the Editor

We're lucky to have Capt. Robert Bromage

In a recent front page news story on the Preston Oates trial, I was struck by the professionalism displayed by members of the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office, notably Capt. Robert Bromage, whose testimony was crucial to the people's case.

I have known Bromage since 2010 when I was appointed by Sheriff P.J. Tanner to serve as a volunteer on the Sheriff's Cold Case Team which was headed by Bromage. My background in law enforcement is fairly substantial, having served as a New York City police detective for 22 years and working for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office for more than 10 of those years, and later, after retiring, serving as a New York state magistrate. In total, I have almost 30 years as a practitioner in the criminal justice system.

I have come to appreciate and admire the level of professionalism displayed day in and day out by the sworn members of the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office, and in particular Bromage in his handling of myriad major criminal cases that his office has investigated, solved and ultimately brought to justice in the court system. The Office of the Solicitor of the 14th Circuit is fortunate to have the caliber of police officers such as Bromage, helping to bring their cases to trial and successful conclusions.

Bromage personifies the best in professional law enforcement today on any level -- federal, state or local. The citizens of Beaufort County are the ultimate beneficiaries of his skills.

Dennis P. Brennan