Letters to the Editor

Vocal minority giving condos a bad name

The article on the subdivided condos at Oceanwalk Villas mischaracterized people like me who live there and the condition of the complex.

Oceanwalk is in excellent condition. A significant renovation was done to the building within the last two years. The area is landscaped nicely and the interior of the building features a landscaped indoor pool, new flooring and clean hallways.

If the circuit breaker issue was really a hazard, it would have been addressed decades ago and the city would enforce it. This situation is really about a vocal minority of resident owners upset they cannot get a two-thirds majority of owners to stop renting their units.

I was personally offended by one person's quote in the article that the complex is "basically being run as a slum." Most of the renters here are employed on the island as servers, chefs, medical technicians, construction workers, etc. I am from the Midwest and have spent time in Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland. Oceanwalk is a destination property not even remotely comparable to a slum.

The renters are primarily working people who contribute to the community, many of whom live with their spouse or significant other. In the two years I've lived here, I've never felt unsafe or threatened by any resident or visitor. My son and I are proud to have guests over to show them the property and our unit.

Oceanwalk is not a safe house for criminals, and I'm disappointed a few disgruntled people portrayed our complex inaccurately.

Carey Babcock

Hilton Head Island