Letters to the Editor

Let's help impose term limits on politicians

Term limits could be a method (failing campaign finance reforms) to remove undue influence in politics from power brokers. But efforts to impose term limits have failed in courts and state legislatures.

I suggest we moderates begin exercising term limits by switching our votes away from incumbents/candidates who are only against and never for anything. Pointing fingers is easy. Although I often disagree with him, I actually like Sen. Lindsey Graham because he thinks.

Every candidate should have to clearly state what they would do to solve our problems. Moderate candidates would be willing to participate if the process wasn't rigged against people without ties to established national extremes that flood the local media with vitriol through unregulated spending. We do have to take our country back -- or forward if you prefer-- to rational civility and reasoned discussion by those who love America, not just their political party.

We need to stop burning down our house. In all things, moderation.

Richard Blaine

Hilton Head Island