Letters to the Editor

An open letter to Lindsey Graham

Dear Senator Graham:

Tens of thousands of illegal alien children are currently being abandoned on the American side of the U.S.-Mexican border. This international human tragedy is an unintended consequence of: 1. the failure of the Department of Homeland Security to enforce the laws concerning illegal aliens from crossing the border, and 2. your failed "Gang of Eight" Amnesty Immigration Bill (S744).

These children are being warehoused in military barracks throughout the Southwest. Why are military bases being used as refugee camps? The military is not responsible in any way for this debacle. Who is being tasked to provide baby-sitting services for these illegal alien kids? Is it the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who are stationed at these bases (now designated refugee camps)? Are National Guard members being called to active duty to provide baby-sitting services for these illegal aliens? Will the military training facilities at Fort Jackson and Parris Island be designated as "refugee camps" too?

Why doesn't Homeland Security man up and assume total responsibility for this human rights disaster? Isn't FEMA, an agency under Homeland Security, responsible for providing emergency housing in the event of disasters?

Since you are arguably one of the eight most knowledgeable senators on the immigration issue, I am asking you to answer these questions, and tell your constituents what you are going to do to resolve this fiasco.

Ray Collins

Hilton Head Island