Letters to the Editor

Town must move to make condos safe

As a certified building inspector and a retired builder and electrician, I find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that some condo rental units at Oceanwalk Villas have what seems to be code violations that are not being addressed. The electrical issues may not be the only problems that need to be addressed. Egress and fire separation between these split units are another issue. These condos are designated as individual units -- one entity, not multiple.

The town enforces building codes for new construction, as they should, but it seems to be lax in enforcing codes in these condos. Why? The situation could be detrimental to the safety for all in those buildings. The town needs to ensure it is a safe place for residents and tourists to stay. These electrical issues, if not resolved in a timely manner, as set forth by the inspection department, should result in the complete and mandatory evacuation of the building until the problems are resolved and are inspected -- a suspension of their certificate of occupancy, so to speak. I'd venture to say the problems would be resolved overnight and probably never happen again if that happened. One more thing. The rental companies that rent these unlawful units should cited and made to pay a portion of the remedy costs.

Lucien Piccioli

Sun City Hilton Head