Letters to the Editor

He's no good at fiddling or being our president

It's a good thing that our president doesn't play the fiddle. We can't accuse him of fiddling while America burns.

How about a week when the border is overwhelmed with immigrants from mainly Central America and the president makes no reference about what to do about the humanitarian crisis. But he had time to honor a professional basketball player from the Minnesota Lynx women's basketball team.

The same week, ISIS captured Mosul and Trikit and began moving toward Baghdad. The Iraqi army that we spent millions of dollars training and equipping laid down their weapons, changed into civilian clothes and melded in with the civilians.

And the same week, the IRS told us that the emails of Lois Lerner were lost in a "computer crash." But the president had the time to meet with Sioux Indians about jobs and education. How about approving the Keystone XL Pipeline that would result in real jobs?

As a veteran, I think of all those wounded vets at home, missing limbs or the ones still in the hospital, watching the winding-down of the Iraq war. When we withdrew in 2011, Iraqis controlled all major cities. The military advised Obama to leave a residual force in Iraq to ensure that the country would not be overturned by Islamic extremists. As usual he thought he knew more than anyone else.

I say 2016 can't come soon enough.

Lucian M. Dawson

Sun City Hilton Head