Letters to the Editor

Keystone Pipeline needs approval now

I have written several times about the lack of an energy policy in the U.S. President Obama talks jobs but refuses to allow the Keystone XL Pipeline because shortsighted environmentalists don't like it. The result is the oil is shipped south via truck and rail car, which is arguably worse for the environment.

Now The Associated Press has written an article about Canada's plans to build a pipeline to the West Coast in order to send oil to Asia. Canada no longer feels that it can rely on the U.S. as the sole recipient of its oil.

Well done, Mr. President. And speaking of the environment, the U.S. government could be shifting its gigantic fleet of cars and truck to run on natural gas, but can't be bothered.

Meanwhile we turn corn into ethanol, which is a costly waste of food, water and energy -- but it makes the farm belt happy and rewards the politicians with votes.

Charles Fagan

Hilton Head Island