Letters to the Editor

Opportunity exists to embrace the arts

Hilton Head Island's performing arts groups are at a crossroads. Should they continue to operate at their current facilities that are slowly becoming too small and/or outdated, or do we as a community recognize that that is a path to failure?

The Community Vision of Hilton Head group has offered an alternative. As with all such plans, there are pluses and minuses that need to be discussed in open forums. We believe that can only happen if our elected town officials recognize that they must adopt a leadership role.

First, they should determine a long-range strategic plan for the future of the arts programs. Then, they need to meet with the involved organizations to determine their future needs and follow this with an evaluation of how the Community Vision projects fits into this. Ultimately, they need to bring forward, for community discussion, resolutions to these issues.

We encourage our town officials to consider the Community Vision proposal to improve our arts opportunities and bring a fresh look to the island that can benefit residents and visitors alike.

Connie and Mike Hellman

Hilton Head Island