Letters to the Editor

Questions linger about recording

I question the integrity of the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office internal investigation regarding the missing evidence in the Kahlil Singleton murder case.

The first mistake of the Sheriff's Office was its failure to disseminate a pertinent interview recording with a defendant that occurred just hours after Kahlil's murder.

The second mistake made by the office was the inappropriate interviewing methods used in the case that were revealed on the recording. This mistake may jeopardize the successful prosecution of the defendants and will also have a dramatic increase in our financial costs because the mistake has led to three trials vs. one trial.

I feel a third mistake may have occurred. It defies common sense for critical evidence to be mysteriously identified on the first day of the high-profile trial -- and then to be immediately described as a management or procedural error. Instead it's possible the inappropriate interviewing methods may have motivated someone in the Sheriff's Office to intentionally cause the recording to not be disseminated. If this occurred, we would have a criminal act vs. a procedural or managerial error.

The sheriff's investigation seems to blame the whole incident on one low-level officer's misconduct and management/procedural errors. This explanation is hard to swallow unless we are willing to accept gross incompetence. Due to the obvious conflicts, our elected sheriff should consent to an outside review so we can determine if his office is abiding by procedures and laws.

Wes Breinich

Hilton Head Island