Letters to the Editor

Graham is wrong on working with Iran

Sen. Lindsey Graham is suggesting that the U.S. has a "convergence of interest" with the Islamic Republic of Iran on the issue of the surging jihadists in Iraq. How shortsighted!

America had, and continues to have, enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan. We went to war to defend and protect our vital interests there. After the initial military success, it was shortsighted to believe that U.S. interests were served by our intense, ill-fated efforts at nation-building in that area. It was shortsighted to believe that we could introduce our version of democracy into a part of the world where the entire concept is unheard of. It was shortsighted to believe that leaving broken countries (which we helped to break) to fix themselves without guidance and supervision, had any chance of success.

We are now reaping the consequences of our shortsightedness. To compound it by suggesting that it is in America's interests to work with Iran's Al Quds thugs, and Revolutionary Guards (currently occupied with helping Bashar Assad murder Syrians) raises our apparent ignorance to new heights. It would be much better to suggest working with President Obama's "best friend in the region", Turkey; or with the Arab soldiers of Sisi's Egypt; or our ally, Jordan; or Kuwait; or the region's Kurds; or Kazakhstan; or Turkmenistan.

We have no "convergence of interests" with a despotic theocracy pledged to bring "death to the Great Satan". To paraphrase the late Barry Goldwater, ignorance in the pursuit of self-interest is no virtue.

William Bilek

Hilton Head Island