Letters to the Editor

Let's unite to protect US

Once again Tuesday morning, there was a letter that described President Obama as our black president. That is totally incorrect. President Obama is not black nor is he white. He had a black father and a white mother, which makes him just as much white as he is black.The issue is not color. The issue is his actions, which are bringing our beloved country very close to the brink of disaster.Wake up, America. It's not about being a Democrat, a tea party member, a Republican. Nor is it about being white, black, Latino, Irish or a punk rocker. It is about being an American, united with others to protect our country.I plead with everyone who reads this to contact their friends and neighbors, to contact their elected officials today and tell them your desire to remain a free citizen in a free country â€" plus your thoughts about various issues. It will make a difference. Oh, and by the way, vote. Vote every time you get a chance. The very slim turn-outs for elections are a scandal. The uninformed voter is sad. Politicians are getting the message. The voters don't care so they are doing what they want â€" not what the taxpayers want.It's not too late to speak out ... yet.

Judi Clifford

Hiiton Head Island