Letters to the Editor

An insurgency in Iraq?What a total surprise!

How many lives were lost in the prolonged useless war in Iraq? How many U.S. dollars were wasted? Anyone with an ounce of perception would have known that the area was uncontrollable considering the centuries-old history of tribalism and religious infighting between the Shia and Sunni factions. If we really want to get to the crux of the matter, a brutal tyrant, Saddam Hussein, was the target of George W. Bush in retaliation for the failed encounter between the elder Bush and the aforementioned dictator. As evil and repulsive as Hussein was, he was the only entity who was able to control the warring factions and hold some sense of order in the country, perhaps not the ethical way that we in the western world would willingly sanction, but nonetheless it worked for a society that is centuries behind the civilized world. Any of us with sense and insight could have predicted that no matter how long U.S. forces were embroiled in the Iraq War, as soon as we left, it would simply resume to a point where it was before. And, the losers are? You guessed it. Our dead and wounded military personnel, and an underfunded America. When will we, if ever, stop trying to police the rest of the world in order to protect our military-industrial complex and other big business industries, including the oil fat-cats? I only hope that Washington doesn't decide to once again intervene at a huge social and financial cost to Americans.

Bob Alberti

Sun City Hilton Head