Letters to the Editor

Not all VA facilities are created equal

I'm a veteran who recently decided to seek medical services from the Veterans Administration for the first time. VA horror stories in the press had me second guessing my decision, but I proceeded anyway.

I went to the VA Primary Care Clinic at the Naval Hospital in Beaufort. The service received since then has been amazing. Everyone one I've encountered in my visits has been prompt, courteous, helpful, and professional. Obviously it's not that way everywhere, and I feel veterans in this area are lucky to have access to this facility. A recent letter credited Sen. Lindsey Graham for this. While top down pressure does have an effect, it all comes down to the employees we interact with on the floor. The people I encountered treated me with respect, and it was obvious they honestly cared about their jobs and my well being.

I hope all veterans who share my experience will take a moment to express their appreciation to those who have treated them well. In conversations, they should let others know our local VA employees are not the ones they're hearing about in the media. If you're a Vietnam vet, you know how it feels to be unappreciated. The VA employees I've met deserve better .

Larry Owens