Letters to the Editor

Let's not even consider jumping back into Iraq

The cauldron is boiling in the Middle East. Having once won the war in Iraq, we are now losing the peace. After toppling Saddam Hussein and defeating the Al Qaeda insurgency, we handed the Iraqis a democracy.

The leader they needed was an Adenauer or De Gaulle. Instead, they coughed up Nouri al-Maliki, a Quisling, eager to dance to Iran's tune, purging the Sunnis from his government and the military. The Kurds in Iraq are ready to secede, which would bring a military response from Turkey.

Some argue that America must bring its superior military force to bear in Iraq once again. That's nonsense.

What is playing out now in Iraq is a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, flip sides of the Islamic coin. The Iraqi security forces outnumber the insurgents 25 to 1. Saudi Arabia has a good air force, if one is needed. The idea that American military, ground or air, should be put in harm's way in Iraq once again is an unthinkable obscenity.

What might America do? Drill, drill, drill. Oil is now $107 per barrel, and the petro-dollars are fueling the bad guys on all sides. Aggressive drilling can drive the price of oil down to $40 or $50, at which point the bad actors on all sides will be de-fanged.

By the way, speaking of Adenauer and De Gaulle, America could use an Eisenhower in Washington about now.

Jim Andrews

Port Royal