Letters to the Editor

Marine behaved exactly as he should

I am very proud of what Marine Sgt. Maj. Paul Archie did. The protester was wearing a campaign cover, a hat that has a long history going back to when we Marines received the name, leathernecks. The protestor showed a total disrespect for the U.S. Marine Corps. Whether a civilian or retired military, the protester did not have the authority to wear this cover outside a base. And if he is not currently a drill instructor, he does not have the right to wear it at all. In my opinion, he is one lucky person that the situation didn't escalate beyond where it did.

As a retired sergeant major with the Marine Corps, I would have done the same thing as Archie -- or worse if the protestor had gotten out of hand. I hope the protester pays dearly for what he did.

Sgt. Maj. Archie, as we old guys like to say, "Semper-Fi, Do or Die."

Robert E. Williams