Letters to the Editor

Ban is good news; now when should I honk?

Well, hallelujah on the new statewide ban on texting while driving. Our state legislators have finally came around on an issue that has been addressed by every sane individual in all the states -- well, with the exception of Montana and a few other states. (Do Montanans text out there anyway?) It looks like we enjoy being the penultimate state at everything that matters.

Playing devil's advocate, may I ask a simple question? How long should others drivers wait at stop lights and stop signs before tapping their respective horns at the driver in front of them who isn't moving? Five seconds? Five minutes?

I predict there will be confrontations galore once the ban takes effect, and everyone knows it's illegal to text.

We'll have to ask ourselves questions such as "Is the texter carrying a gun? Is he/she bigger than I am?"

Bill Smith

Sun City Hilton Head