Letters to the Editor

The fix for US 278:Slow drivers down

After retiring here from the North, I noticed that no one gets in a hurry to do anything around here except when they get behind the wheel of an automobile.During the U.S. 278 construction work when the speed limit was 45 mph â€" which no one adhered to, including me, for fear of getting run over â€" I rarely saw law enforcement patrolling the road. Now that the speed limit is 55 mph, the pace seems to be 65 mph. To law enforcement and government officials, don't you know this is a potential cash cow? I would bet a patrol dedicated to U.S. 278 could be funded easily. You might be able to fund some other things related to the highway too. Plus, slowing down drivers by enforcing the speed limit is the easiest way to save lives.

Bill Grant