Letters to the Editor

Government must help hurting, wounded vets

There are some terrific nonprofits that solicit money from American citizens to provide care for returning and retired military personnel who need more help than what is provided by the government. You all know our government as those wonderful folks who send other people's sons and daughters off to wars and conflicts in faraway places for their own political gain.My question is why this magnanimous government can't make certain that the wounded are given the very best medical attention available regardless of cost? Why do we need private funds to facilitate the recuperative process of these great people who sacrifice so much to keep the world's bullies from our front door? Even though President Pinocchio Obama says all the right words for public consumption, the behavior of this administration and many others indicates that they really don't care.The answer could be something as simple as that active duty military personnel comprise about 1 percent of the total population, and consequently, do not represent a strong voting bloc for politicians. If the military disguised themselves as illegal immigrants, they would probably be showered with care and benefits. The government seems to have all sorts of money for grants to study the mating habits of the spotted owl. But when it comes to taking care of wounded warriors, they generally vote “presentâ€