Letters to the Editor

It's getting out of hand in beautiful Beaufort

Once again, the City of Beaufort has taken one more step toward the deterioration of Historic Downtown Beaufort as we know it.

What in the world were they thinking when they filled Secession Park with inappropriate tables, chairs and benches, made of cement no less? The park now looks like a junk store, or a ruin of some kind, or a store along a highway that sells outdoor junk.

The bottom line here is that things are getting out of hand in our lovely little haven in the Lowcountry and it is very disturbing to many people.

It would seem to me that this move at Secession Park should have been presented for approval before it ever became a reality. Everyone living in the Historic District is required to do so before changes, additions, or whatever are made to their properties. Let's follow the rules, people. It will, hopefully, keep the beauty of this small city intact.

And by the way, a "boutique" hotel at the marina area is beyond the pale.

Carol Painter