Letters to the Editor

Tell it like it is on marina project

Perception is reality -- until reality says your perception is wrong. At this point, the perception of many is that the outcome of Beaufort's marina parking lot project has already been decided by the developers and the committee appointed by the city. The perception is that this has been done without the informed consent and comments of affected citizens.

There had to have been qualitative and quantitative analysis of the risks involved -- environmental, aesthetics, financial, traffic control, impact on adjacent property, and historic preservation so vital to the success of any endeavor to improve the city. Why no definitive plans for review by the public? It is as if the planners don't want to reveal what it really looks like out of fear of a negative public reaction.

Questions that should be easy for them to answer: Is the city going to help finance or guarantee a minimum risk by tax relief or by providing infrastructure? Are they prepared to grant waivers to permit taller buildings to provide additional floor space if necessary for the financial success of the venture? Tell it like it is, and let the public reaction determine the outcome.

Let's face it. Any vertical construction at this park is going to change the view. I can't imagine a waterfront view more beautiful without obstruction. This beauty is a main, if not the primary, attraction that brings people to Beaufort.

Robert L. DeLoach