Letters to the Editor

Schools should show dangers of teen driving

In response to the article titled, "In triage of grief at high school, the less said the better," I completely disagree.

We have seen many vehicular deaths and serious injuries in recent years associated with Hilton Head High School students. Memorial services and "I don't want to talk about it" does nothing to address the issue. The vehicles need to be put on display in the parking lot close to the main entrance of the school, and the students need to see whatever photos of the crash site may be available. In addition, the emergency responders on scene should be available to describe the details of the injuries sustained by the patients involved. I realize that health care privacy laws may come into play on such a proposal, but it is for the benefit of the community, and there are several ways around it.

The continued policy of silence from Hilton Head High School and the willingness of both parents and students to brush under the table tragic events has not benefited the students in the least. Please do not think that I am singling out Hilton Head. Any school that suffers similar losses should do the same.

Michael C. McDonnell