Letters to the Editor

Rowers have a need for cement factory site

Port Royal needs to be given the freedom to allow prudent use of the cement factory property on the banks of Battery Creek.

The town of Port Royal is on the cusp of economically turning the corner. A push in the right direction would be to free up the use of the cement factory facility, which the State Ports Authority owns and has done nothing with in nearly a decade.

In the interim, this facility could be utilized as a rowing center for the Beaufort Rowing Club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The vision of the club is to teach people the art of rowing. A facility such as this would allow the club (currently with 35 members) to accomplish this goal and to grow.

It also would allow us to serve as host for Northern schools' crew teams in the winter, when their waterways are frozen. It would lend itself nicely to hosting both races and regattas for regional crew teams. This would bring in much-needed revenue into the communities by putting "heads in beds."

The cement factory, with some sweat equity and the right dock configuration, could become as popular as the facility that the Atlanta Rowing Club was allowed to use for its boathouse.

Please consider making the factory a viable spot, rather than allowing it to sit idle any longer.

Ken Maliken


Editor's Note: Maliken is president of the Beaufort Rowing Club.