Letters to the Editor

Health care reform a total flop for most

If Obamacare is so wonderful, why are so many of its mandates being delayed or waived? The answer is simple: to get through the next election before voters feel the pain of this flawed law.

It is unaffordable with the burden falling on taxpayers to pay for subsidies, not just for the poor, but for many in the middle-class with incomes up to 400 percent of the poverty level.

Those who do not qualify for government subsidies are finding their premiums and deductibles have risen and are even more unaffordable. The high premiums can now be claimed for a hardship waiver. Hard-working people who were happy with their insurance companies have lost their policies or their doctors because of misleading presidential promises. Some Americans have seen their working hours reduced. This flawed law is a job killer at a time of high unemployment with the lowest percentage of working-aged Americans in the workforce in more than three decades. The anti-business features of this law will force more people to lose their insurance, their weekly hours or job opportunities.

We needed reforms to cover the poor among the uninsured, to provide affordable coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and to stop cancellations if a policy holder becomes ill. We needed to curb the rising costs with tort reform (opposed by the president's trial lawyer buddies) and competition across state lines.

What we did not need was our health insurance system turned over to an incompetent government bureaucracy that cannot even make a website work in today's world.

William T. Pendley