Letters to the Editor

Some loving mothers considered abortion

We are responding to Leonard Pitts' recent column and a recent writer's letter, "Where's the outrage over mistreated babies?" Both commentaries characterize mothers who choose to continue their pregnancies as child abusers, and pro-life volunteers as those who "turn their backs (and their wallets) on the suffering of the least among us."

I would like to explain the experience we have had during the last 10 years of mentoring mothers who considered abortion, but chose to continue their pregnancies.

We are side-walk counselors who peacefully pray and offer help outside abortion facilities. The help is ongoing, for as long as the families need it. We coordinate this assistance with pregnancy care centers and local maternity homes. We also tap our own personal resources. Many of these families are now permanent members of our own extended families.

We were especially concerned that Pitts and the letter writer said that mothers who choose to continue their pregnancies abuse their children later on. From our years of mentoring families, we have not seen a single case of abuse. Without exception, these mothers love their children and are happy they did not choose abortion. Many say their babies are gifts from God.

These mothers considered abortion because they needed financial and emotional support (some were being pressured to have abortions), and they did not know about volunteers and organizations to help them. Please, do not judge these loving mothers as child abusers. This is simply not true.

Linda and Frank Bauer