Letters to the Editor

Health care takeover will have bad consequences

A frequent letter writer has again regaled us with his interpretation of our Founding Fathers' constitutional intentions. We are told they sought democracy to "fight against the entrenched elite" of British rule. Fair enough. But further on, we are reintroduced to his progressive view of today's world and how Thomas Jefferson believed that our democratic system must control critical necessities, especially health and education. Thus, new government elitist programs are necessary.

Seeking a big business villain of health care policy, the writer isolates insurance companies as the primary cause of today's high costs, as if eliminating the private insurance system would be a grand solution. He thus concludes that the best approach to health care is a public option -- code words for complete government control.

In reality, to ignore the long history of uncontrolled costs of most federal programs growing out of the great society social concept is to deny the obvious. The federal government is incapable of program cost containment. Fraud, waste, management incompetence, and giveaways to political favorites infest our social safety net mandates. The Affordable Care Act will be the grandest of them all.

In creating the ACA, the president and Democrat legislators were predictably incapable of addressing the many complex interactions of people and their individual needs and desires regarding such a huge part of life. Unintended consequences now abound. Democrats' lust for political victory now challenges us to make future elections the pathway to achieve a better solution to health care.

Albert Slechter