Letters to the Editor

Socialized medicine will lessen care quality

I was recently on vacation in Mexico and talked to a couple from Canada. Our conversation on Canadian life took a right turn and out of the blue, the wife said, "Wait until you in the United States get the socialized medicine that we have. You're going to hate it."

Then talk about her mother's recent treatment began. Her mother had uterine cancer in her late 70s. Remember the age.

She stated that after diagnosis, it took six to seven months for surgery. After surgery, she was denied chemotherapy. Then, after begging for six months, three chemo sessions where given. Each time, her age was questioned. She told her daughter that when they asked her age, she felt that they were saying, "You're old. Why should we give you chemo?"

Does that sound like something that could happen here? What about timely treatment? Tell me why age has anything to do with receiving chemo when you have no other problems like this lady's mother?

We don't need Canadian-style health care here.

Under our current health care system here in the United States, my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. He was treated quickly within two to three weeks. He is doing well, thanks to young, aggressive doctors in Savannah. Would that have happened if we have socialized medicine like Canada? I don't think so.

Correct and affordable health care for all is wonderful. Don't model our health care system after Canada.

This is respectfully submitted in memory of Betsy's mother.

Linda Harris

Hilton Head Island