Letters to the Editor

Where's the outrage over mistreated babies?

Leonard Pitts' recent column detailed the horrific murders of 477 children in Florida who did not receive adequate attention by the state's child welfare agency prior to their deaths.

As a former child welfare worker who personally witnessed abuse and neglect of children and the apathy and indifference of the public to their suffering, I have often wondered why anti-abortion forces spend millions of dollars on preventing women from having abortions only to strongly object to any but the most meager and underfunded effort by governments to provide help to these children once they are born.

It is impossible for me to understand how otherwise kind and nice people can turn their backs (and their wallets) on the suffering of the least among us. It is murder to abort a fetus but somehow it is OK to torture, starve or beat an infant or a small child to death?

Now we want more and more of this abuse to occur by forcing unwilling and/or incapable women, many of them young, unmarried teens, to have children we know they cannot care for by eliminating their chances for an abortion.

This somehow twisted and misguided effort will lead to more unwanted children being born, more abuse and neglect, and more deaths (and their poor, misguided parents languishing in prison for many years).

Is there something I am missing, or am I just witnessing the most horrible and perverse hypocrisy imaginable?

Terry Gibson

Lady's Island