Letters to the Editor

Thank a firefighter next chance you get

I recently was dehydrated and fainted. Two members of the Bluffton Township Fire District, Matt and Dave, rescued me. They also told me that dehydration is major factor in falls of old people like me. Fortunately I only hit my head, but there's nothing in it anyway. They emphasized the importance of drinking lots of water when waking up in the morning.

Water has never been my choice beverage, but this old dog has learned a new trick from these two of Bluffton's finest. I was tremendously impressed by their caring and competency. I went to the fire station to thank them. They were not there so I hope they read this. We should be grateful for these pros.

It's possible that during the time they took helping an old dummy like me they were really needed elsewhere. Next time you drive by a fire station, go in and thank our firemen for their service. Better that you visit them than having them visit you!

And remember to drink lots of water.

Don (Mac) McCoy